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    Kayla Hampton

Our paintings tell the stories
of our Country and our Culture

“I love it when people come through the gallery, even if they don’t buy anything, they come in and have a yarn. When they walk away, they’re smiling, because we’ve shared something about Aboriginal culture, they’ve connected with Nhanta culture through the art.”

Kayla Hampton

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Supporting young artists
A place where young, up and coming Aboriginal artists can develop their skills and exhibit their art

Local Artists
The gallery provides an accessible space where local Aboriginal artists can exhibit and sell their artworks.

Collaborative Projects
We can help facillitate community projects through to creative direction.

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    & Public Art

Our Artist in Residence, Kayla Hampton is the creative talent behind a number of high profile paintings and public art pieces in the region. Most notably, the environmental art installments at the recently opened Kalbarri Skywalk. The artwork depicts the Nhanta Dreaming creation story of the Beermarra. The serpent spirit who travelled down the Murchison River, creating the rivers, freshwater springs of the region.

Kalbarri Skywalk Public Art

Skywalk Visitor Centre

The Beemarra